Who is a Virtual Assistant?


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A Virtual Assistant (or VA) works from a remote location and offers businesses a wide range of services. A VA may provide one specific task or a combination of tasks.

Whether a generalist or a specialist, a VA is available to meet your administrative obligations. He or she makes your life easier by allowing you to achieve various tasks at your business, home, or special event. A VA has a high level of flexibility and works as an independent contractor. He or she can meet the needs of not just one but several clients professionally and efficiently.

What Services does a VA Provide?

A VA can offer assistance in the following areas:

  • Content Creation & Management – blog posts, articles, social media posts, document formatting
  • Social Media Management – Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posts, email distribution
  • Transcription of simple audio recordings
  • Online course creation and management
  • Digital Marketing
  • Online Business Management – scheduling team projects, customer/client support
  • Web and Graphic Design – photo editing, imaging and formatting, branding package design
  • Digital Media and Events – webinars, live streaming, virtual conferences
  • Technical Management & Support – special media, e-commerce
  • Accounting/Payroll
  • Database Management
  • Data entry/spreadsheet
  • Secretarial activities
  • Office Administration
  • Appointment bookings
  • Travel arrangements

Whatever your administrative need, you can find a reliable VA to assist.

Benefits of Hiring a VA

With a VA on your team, your day-to-day projects will be effectively managed. This will then give you the time you need to focus on other important activities. Imagine if you had more time to network or come up with a new product or service! Or maybe, you need more time to spend with family and friends. A VA can help you achieve these and more!

Still thinking about it? With a VA, it only gets better!

  • No recurring monthly expenses – You can hire a VA for projects instead of on an ongoing basis
  • Reduce your overheads – You won’t have to invest in additional office space, furniture, and equipment
  • Skip the ‘cost’ of benefits such as paid sick or vacation leave – You don’t have to pay your VA if he or she is on leave
  • Gain greater access to a wide range of skills and abilities for your business

When Should You Hire a VA?

You currently have very efficient staff members. But at times, it can become overwhelming with deadlines and other demands.  

Let’s face it. As a business owner, you have probably experienced these:

  • High-stress levels
  • Overworked staff members
  • Lack of specific skills to accomplish the task
  • Inability to hire additional staff for various reasons

Have you ever felt that way? Well, in comes a VA to the rescue! When there are urgent and important projects that are just too much for you and your staff, a VA can help. So, outsourcing some of your tasks can make a significant impact on your productivity. In other words, you spend time networking and attaining your goals. Your VA will handle the rest!

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8 thoughts on “Who is a Virtual Assistant?”

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  2. Claudia Lynette White

    I think that with COVID-19 many of us will have to work as VAs in the field that we specialized in as businesses will have to cut operating costs.

    We have to be real. Many have lost jobs and so will not be able to demand the same level of goods and services. For companies to survive, and even offer some level of employment to existing staff and others, they will have to hire more VAs with the specialized skill.

    1. Hi Claudia, I totally agree. This pandemic has caused many businesses to revisit the way they handled their operations. Having to shift their operations to online platforms, business owners needed the assistance. And this trend will continue.

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