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Some clients feel like...

“I know what I want to cover in my course but I don’t know how to break it down into meaningful lessons.”

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Other clients say...

“Persons reach out to me all the time about a topic I’m passionate about. But my challenge is figuring out how to turn it into an online course.”

Sounds like you?

Let’s get your online course idea out of your head and out to your audience.

How This Works

Before the session

  • Click the button below and schedule the date you wish to meet. There will be a few questions for you to complete.
  • Make your $375 USD investment.
  • Expect an email from us (within 48 hours) with a few prep steps. We want to ensure we have the necessary info so our session goes smoothly. 
  • After you complete the prep work, the fun begins!

During the session

Together, we will design your online course. We will discuss several pertinent aspects of your course:

  • Main topics (modules)
  • Subtopics (lessons)
  • Learning outcomes
  • Learning supports (worksheets, guides, handouts, quizzes, etc)
  • Suitable delivery formats for your audience

After the session

You will receive: 

  • a detailed outline of your online course
  • a list of action steps to move you to the next phase 
"Desi-Ann guided me through the process with professionalism and empathy. She kept me on task and she impressed me with her responsiveness."
Shirley Thiessen
Grief Coach

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Prefer the DIY route?

Our worksheets will help you visualize how your course will look.