How to Use Sticky Notes to Create Courses


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Creating a course using sticky notes can be a great way to visually organize your ideas and topics. Here are some steps to help you get started:

Gather your materials: You will need a pack of sticky notes, a pen or marker, and a large surface to stick the notes on.

Define your learning objectives: Start by defining what you want your students to learn from the course. Write each objective on a separate sticky note and place them in a row or column on your surface.

Brainstorm topics: Based on your learning objectives, brainstorm topics that will help your students achieve those objectives. Write each topic on a separate sticky note and place them under the corresponding learning objective.

Organize your topics: Once you have all your topics, start to organize them into modules or sections. You can do this by grouping related topics together and arranging them in a logical order.

Create lesson plans: Use sticky notes to outline the content for each lesson. Write the main points and activities for each lesson on separate sticky notes and place them in order within each module or section.

Review and refine: Once you have created your course using sticky notes, step back and review it to ensure it meets your learning objectives. Refine your course by moving topics or lessons around, adding or removing content, and making sure everything flows logically.

Share your course: Once you are happy with your course, you can create a digital or physical version to share with your students. You can take pictures of the sticky notes or transfer the notes into a digital tool like Trello, Google Slides or other online course platforms.

By using sticky notes to create a course, you can easily rearrange and modify your content as needed. It also allows for easy collaboration with others, as you can work together to brainstorm and organize ideas using the sticky notes.

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