5 Benefits of Creating Online Courses for Your Business


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Stacy has been a Business Coach for five years. Coaching is her passion and she loves helping business owners succeed.

Stacy has a few clients, but she wants to increase her visibility. She tried several strategies, such as paid ads, networking events, and social media marketing. But these had minimal impact. Stacy did not give up.

With her goal in mind, Stacy sought advice. She reached out to her mentor, who encouraged her to create an online course. Stacy was still unsure if this was the right option for her. Stacy then asked her mentor, what are the benefits of creating online courses? Stacy’s mentor smiled and said, “Stacy, I am glad you asked that question”.

The benefits of having an online course include:

Benefit #1: You Can Showcase your Expertise 

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One of the benefits of creating online courses is it allows you to showcase your expertise. It is an excellent way to share your knowledge and experiences with the global community. Let’s say it is like capturing lightning in a bottle. It can boost your reputation. Developing an online course allows you to take your knowledge and organise it into modules that are easy to understand. 

These modules will illustrate your style, discipline, and tools that can be used as leverage to become a competitive asset. Having an online course provides you with the opportunity to build trust and credibility with prospective clients. Highlighting your expertise through the use of an online course can position your business for exponential growth.  

Benefit #2: You Can Create Passive Income

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Another benefit of creating online courses is passive income. You could sell an online course over and over again without changing the content. That is, you only have to create the course once and it can be sold repeatedly. It is a recurring source of income. Your course could be in the form of video recordings, audio recordings, slides, transcripts, workbooks, or any material such as worksheets, templates or scripts that you want to share with your prospective clients. 

Creating an online course has the potential to earn you an income from your knowledge or expertise. After creating the online course and leveraging it the right way, you can earn money while you are asleep. Once you are adding value and offering something unique, the money will come.

Benefit #3: You Can Increase your Visibility

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Visibility is about creating awareness and telling people that you are here. You exist! You have to be able to capture the attention of your target audience. Having an online course will provide you with the ability to reach more people in a cost effective way. You will be able to expand your business beyond four walls and break geographical barriers. You are no longer limited to your country or region. Your reach is now the global community.

Creating an online course allows you the opportunity to go broader and deeper into your target market. It is one of the fastest and most effective ways to reach your niche market and increase your visibility. 

Benefit #4: You Can Easily Generate Leads

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Generating leads is one way to grow and scale your business. You can leverage your online course as a lead magnet to build your email list of potential clients. A lead magnet is a free offer that you can use to attract potential clients in exchange for their email addresses. It is also an opportunity to gather any other contact information such as name and phone numbers.

Let’s say you want to offer a course on, “How to Start Your Online Business”. Your first module may focus on “Understanding Your Why” or you may offer a free mini-course. Either way, treat this offer as your lead magnet and use it to start building a relationship with your potential clients and increasing your credibility. By setting up an opt-in form with an email marketing platform such as Mailerlite, you could get persons to learn more about your course and share further updates with them. After they complete the module, you can invite them to pay for your full course.

When you give your audience a snippet of how you could help them, they would get to know more about you. In return, your lead magnet will help you narrow your search for your ideal client since they will be attracted to what you have to offer. A win-win situation!

Benefit #5: You Can Repurpose Existing Content

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Developing an online course allows you the flexibility of repurposing your existing content and repackaging what you already have. You would not be starting from scratch. You can use the ideas from your blogs, presentations, video recordings, emails, and e-books to create your online course. Your repurposed content needs to be formatted to suit the platform’s target audience that you would use to create awareness of your online course. 

Repurposing content will save you both time and money if you do it correctly. By converting your existing content into an online course, you can expand your visibility and get higher engagement from potential clients.

Update on Stacy

Stacy is now smiling. She has a clearer understanding of the benefits of creating online courses. Armed with her newfound knowledge, goals, and passion, Stacy is now prepared to create her online course.

How about you? Do you have a similar story to Stacy’s?

You, too, can create a course to help you:

  • showcase your expertise
  • create passive income
  • increase your visibility
  • easily generate leads
  • repurpose your existing content

Whether you’re new to course creation or need support to plan your next course, our Brainstorm Your Online Course Workbook will help you get the clarity you need.  So, go ahead and download the workbook today. Your audience is waiting! 

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